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My World (我的世界)

I am a happy girl, because I dont have much things to chase, I will be satisfied very easily. When I go to school and play with my friends, I will be very happy. When I go home after...2016-01-12

I Like Music(我喜欢音乐)

I like to hear music, music helps me get out of annoyance. Before I go to bed, I always need to listen to soft music, so that I can sleep soon. When I am in bad mood, I will listen t...2015-03-13

My Little Secret(我的小秘密)

I have a little secret, that is I have saved some money for myself. My parents dont know, they still give me the pocket money in time, I save the pocket money for a long time. I want...2015-03-13

Safety Issue(安全问题)

When I walk on the street, I found most people dont obey the traffic rules, they just ignore the rules, when there are a lot of people go across the street, they just follow them. It...2015-03-13

My Father’s Work(爸爸的工作)

My father works in the company, he works so hard, I can hardly see him usually. Even in the weekends, when he plays with me, if he gets the call from the boss, he will leave me and g...2015-03-13

I Like Running(我喜欢跑步)

Every morning, I will wake up early and then do some exercise. I like running very much, so I will run around my house. Running on the street and park, I can see the city in its morn...2015-03-13

To Drink More Water(多喝水)

When people get sick, they will go to see the doctor, the most common thing the doctor says is that to drink more water. Most people dont put it in their hearts, thinking it is just ...2015-03-13

Catch A Thief(捉小偷)

Today, when I walk on the street after class, suddenly, I see a man is run after by a policeman, though the man runs fast, he is caught by the policeman at last. I learn that the man...2015-03-13

I Want to Do Better(我想要做得更好)

My mother is a great woman, she does all the house work, now I have grown up, so I want to help her with her work. I will wash the dishes after the meal and I wash my own clothes. My...2015-03-13

My First Day at School(我在学校的第一天)

When I go to school in the first day, my parents drive me to school, then they walk me to the classroom, they tell me that they will go away and I feel lonely, I try not to cry, thou...2015-03-13